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Mesh Fasbric LIBERTY FABRIC FENCE Suitable for use where a durable, weather-resistant open weave fabric is required.
Can't decide which fabric you need? Order our sample packet which includes swatches of each product. We ship our samples via FedEX or UPS. When ordering a sample, please provide a physical shipping address, as we cannot ship to a P.O. Box.
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  Bo-Loc 1000 7 X 5
  Bo-Loc 10 X 5 (1053)
  Bo-Lite 4 x 5
  Bo-Lite 7 x 5
  Bo-Lite 9 X 8
  Bo-Lite 10 x 9
  Bo-Lite 11 x 10
  Bo-Vue 7 X 6
  Bo-Vue 9 X 9
  Bo-Tuff 9 x 9
  Bo-Tuff 10 x 10
  Bo-Tuff 11 x 11
  Bo-Tuff 1300 Mesh 9x9
  Bo-Tuff 1300 Mesh 11x11
  Multi-Mesh 11 X 11
  Bo-Mark Fabric Fence
  Liberty Mesh
  Liberty Fabric Fence
Botex Liberty Fence
In celebration of America, we have manufactured a red, white, and blue mesh material, called "Liberty Mesh," designed for the truck tarp market. Can you imagine the visual impact if every truck moving debris across our land bore these colors? In addition, we manufacture a red, white and blue fabric fence, called "Liberty Fabric Fence," for the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta. This product serves as spectator and barrier fencing each and every July 4th.
Suitable for use where a durable, weather-resistant open weave fabric is required.
Snow Fencing to control drifting
Ski Trail Markers
Spectator Fencing for Golf Courses, including the Masters
Tournament at Augusta, Road Races, Etc.
Sand Dune Erosion Control
Characteristics: Liberty Fabric Fence
Construction: Banded warp 72 ends/foot average,
5 ends/inch in fill
Coating: Flexible Foamed
Core Yarn: Polyester
Fabric Width:  
Fabric Weight: 18 oz/sq yd
Tensile Strength: (ASTM D-1682 Grab Method) - Warp 430 lbs/inch
Fill 430 lbs/inch
Tear Strength: (ASTM D-2261 Tongue-Single Rip) - Warp 250 lbs
Fill 250 lbs
Colors: Red, White, & Blue Stripes
Red, White, & Blue Solids also avaliable
Fire Retardancy: As required. Mill run fabric is self-extinguishing in horizontal burning mode. Increased fire retardancy can be supplied upon special order to meet specified tests.
Cold Crack: No cracking after 24 hours @ -40 degrees F, 2" mandrel
UV Resistance: (ASTM G53) - 1000 hours QUV exposure
- slight color deterioration
Put-up per roll: 50 yards, 25 lbs per roll shipping weight.
Other: Lighter weight fabric using smaller denier yarns can also be furnished.
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